Director Andrew David Watson and Picture Farm created this series of snappy web, social and broadcast videos for the agency Red Antler and General Electric.

“Between wattage, energy saving, and lofty claims about our electric bills, there’s a lot of noise in the lightbulb category. But what really matters is how different types of light make us feel- because light has a huge influence on our overall wellbeing.

We collaborated with GE to create a new, direct-to-consumer lighting brand – C by GE – that simplifies what was once a confusing category with two connected light bulbs, C- Life and C-Sleep.

With the power of LED technology, C by GE is able to create a finely tuned light that’s entirely controlled through a simple smartphone app – no hub, no hardware. C-Sleep has been specially developed for the bedroom, producing a warm, calming light at night, and a cool, energizing environment in the morning, to sync with our body’s sleep cycle. And C-Life is for the rest of the day, and can be easily adjusted for working, reading, cooking, playing, and any other lighting need.  

We built the brand on a foundation of iconic ease, simplicity, and joy. From brand and product naming to identity to website and packaging design, every touchpoint of the brand experience represents a breath of fresh air in the category, speaking to consumers with warmth and honesty.”Red Antler Blog