PF director Toddy Stewart created this piece for the influential jewelry designer Alyssa Norton for the MADE Fashion Week Presents SS12 at Milk Studios.

The film was shot at PF Studios in Brooklyn by Toddy Stewart after an impromptu dinner conversation with the designer and fellow filmmaker Josh Ponte a week or prior.

Set as a projection behind Alyssa’s show, the imagery slipped out of black space, the room being lit intermittently, the glowing objects and interplay in the film itself acting as a part of the lighting design.

“Alyssa Norton’s jewelry is a study in tensions between the future and the past, between the functional and the sculptural. In every collection, Alyssa has always mined that place where modernism plays with punk, creating thought-provoking and wearable pieces coveted by editors, designers, stylists and collectors. Whether weaving silk and suede into heavy silver chain, or lacquering and airbrushing the brass panels of a wrist cuff, Alyssa invites us to rethink how we adorn our bodies with materials and ideas.”