The marketing team at Pepsi and The Creators League had the insight and they reckoned Alicia Keys, with her legendary discipline and work-rate, would be the artist to pair with one of the most celebrated sporting moments in the world: The 2016 UEFA Champions League Final.

The Creators League approached Picture Farm’s Earle Sebastian, Alicia Key’s creative director, to help them create and manage all the elements and countless moving parts for Alicia’s pre-game concert at Milan’s famed San Siro stadium. Part of this directive was to produce a series of films for Pepsi’s UCL promotional campaign.

Sebastian would bring in director Christopher Anderson to direct a film about the intimate moments of Alicia’s creative process to pair with archival UEFA footage to tell the story running up to the game, exploring the questions the marketing team at Pepsi and The Creators League posed: What is the nature of passion? What is the moment of inspiration? What makes a successful team? Where does the Artist and the Athlete intersect?



These films would set the tone and explore the themes for Alicia’s inspirational pre-game performance at San Siro, creative directed by Sebastian and broadcast live via