Picture Farm is an Integrated Production Company

What does that mean?
It means we collaborate, execute and fabricate to every deliverable in a campaign cycle. We partner with agencies, brands, creative directors and artists to develop and create for broadcast, print, web, social, installations and events from the treatment phase through production and post-production through to finishing and delivery.
And we do all of this all over the world.

If that doesn’t quite explain it, feel free to email us and ask us to explain ourselves.



Meet Your Farmers

Ben Freedman

Ben is an executive producer and partner.

Ben spends his time managing international mega productions and overseeing entirely pleasant lunch meetings.

Arriving fresh faced in New York in early 1997 to pursue a career in film, Ben very quickly found himself waiting tables at some very high budget establishments while producing some very low budget short films. Shortly thereafter, having teamed up with Marc Singer on the documentary feature Dark Days, came the first glimpse of the bright lights as the movie opened at Sundance and took home three awards.

Picture Farm, as a commercial production company, was born shortly after and thrived in the early days as a pure print production outfit. In the years since founding the company with Chris Bren, the work has become multi disciplinary, wonderfully varied and truly global.

Candice Hoeflinger

Candice is our head of Production in Brooklyn.

Originally from Wichita, Kansas by way of DuLuth, her early years spent as an understudy to a milliner-turned-magician, pulling rabbits out of hats became de rigueur.

Joining Picture Farm in 2008 as an apprentice to the assistant substitute, she quickly became a formidable rabbit puller in the arena of photo shoot production. She has since mastered the acts of international production, video production and gorgeous baby production.

While at Picture Farm she wears a constantly smiling frown. However, what she does in her free time, and how she looks doing it, remains a mystery to us all.

Her personal website is full of the wonderful projects she’s guided to life.

Chris Bren

Chris Bren is an executive producer and partner.

Chris brings a varied background of expertise to Picture Farm’s commercial services having spent his professional youth the in music, software and financial industries.  Over the past decade he has guided productions and directed shoots all over the world for clients such as BMW, Sony, Billabong, Lenovo, Cadillac, Adidas, IBM, the New York Knicks.

While growing up an unassailable Lakers fan, a chance marriage to a petite powerhouse of an Argentine woman brought him to an ardent love affair with everything Albicelestine in futbol. When he’s not working or celebrating (suffering) the latest Boca Juniors results, he heads to a remote beach somewhere to enjoy time with his beloved family.

Cleveland Jones

Cleveland is a producer in Brooklyn.

Cleveland is a son of the world, having grown up bouncing around from Atlanta, Germany, Alaska and the Deep South, finally settling down in New York, place he is proud to finally call home.

A long time touring musician, Cleveland brings his producing expertise from Milk Studios and countless photo and video shoots of the most creative sort.

CJ’s love of image making infuses his life, photography and the art of seeing being a regular theme of his everyday.

Dion Sapp

Dion is a creative associate in Los Angeles & Brooklyn.

Growing up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Dion grew up amongst the expat Caribbean world of beef patties and heavy patois. “Dis da yoot who dun wan fi say he Trini!” Translation: This guy doesn’t want to admit he’s Trinidadian.

A lover of music, cinema, music, cinema and music, Dion is pretty sure he’s seen just about every film on any top 25 list. Ever.

As a younger man his mother introduced him to the stage via a play Denzel Washington was starring in with predictable results, “I said to myself then, whatever that dude is into…I want in.”

Describing his career thus far: “After playing Thug #2 in one too many projects, I decided to sit down and write something.  I wrote a short film in a weekend, I got a celebrity actor attached the next weekend, got an investor to give me 10k to shoot it the following weekend and then it premiered in Cannes, France 5 months later.  From then on, I’ve always felt like anything is attainable… if you want it to be.”

Here’s the proof.

James Stewart

James is our European managing director & partner based in Barcelona & London.

James is the product, in many ways, of his peripatetic youth. Growing up in Tripoli, Rio, Salvador, Paris, Singapore, London, Algiers, Bogota, Quito (and still growing up in Barcelona) has a very particular effect on one’s outlook.

Setting up U La La Events & Productions 8 years ago, James believed that service and quality should always be primary in any work environment. Practices like attention to detail, good workmanship and pride in what one does have always seemed more important than just about anything else. The relationships, the savoir-faire, the surprising, creative solution to the seemingly impossible problem, these are the values he’s built his business around.

Over the years producing more than 400 projects for world renown brands, created events for VIP guests, presentations working in Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Ibiza, Tenerife, London, Sevilla, Malaga, Stockholm, New York, Lisbon, has left a mark of satisfaction and a wealth of experience in “pulling it off with panache” that is a hallmark of the high level of product James creates with every job.

Jamie Lansdowne

Jamie is a junior editor in Brooklyn.

“In America, there is New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” – Mark Twain
This particular aside makes Jamie’s blood boil.

Since joining Picture Farm as an intern nearly straight out of Boston University, his diligence and grace under pressure have seen him vault from that lowly position to another lowly position: assistant editor (where he actually edits quite a bit)(because he’s good at it.)

As a faithful son of the county seat of Cuyahoga County, the so-called Metropolis of the Western Reserve, Jamie naturally has a keen interest in sailing and LeBron James.

See some projects Jamie has added his hand to here…

Janne Harlem

Janne is an editor in Brooklyn.

Born in a town right outside Oslo, Norway (naming it would require letters absent from the English alphabet) Janne moved to New York three years ago to garner a masters degree at the New School (which she indeed garnered.)

She has worked/interned at Picture farm for two years, filling the role of young, talented editor. She claims her favorite project so far at PF has been Coach, because as she puts it “it was maybe the first project for PF where I was involved creatively from the start and got to edit a lot and see it through to the final stages. Especially enjoyed it since we covered many elements of the post process – editing, sound design, working with a composer etc – and I  really like the final video.”

But we all know her real favorite job is as surrogate auntie to Lou Reed, Toddy’s dingo.

Johnny Fego

Johnny is an executive producer in Brooklyn.

Johnny cut his teeth in the NYC production world as a shooter and producer on documentaries for HBO, PBS, NY Times and Discovery. Later, as Executive Producer of the design focused production company My Active Driveway, he lead teams to create 360 campaigns, commercials and content for Adidas, BMW, MTV, ESPN, NIKE, Microsoft, Pepsi and Google to name a few.

Born a few blocks from the now infamous Veterans Stadium, Johnny’s destiny of fandom was inescapable.  After witnessing the eruption of horn honking, pot banging and general revelry that over took his city on the eve of Phillies World Series victory– the 5 years old knew this was the path for him.  His young imagination was rapt in the colorful Philadelphia Sports Culture of the 70’s and 80’s– Dr. J, Tug McGraw, Jaws, Mo Cheeks, Mike Schmidt, Chocolate Thunder, Bake McBride, The Bull, and Lefty Carlton.

Johnny putters around with his wife, daughter, dog, cat, turtle and dwarf hamster (coincidentally named Mo Cheeks). He enjoys bicycling to work, executive meetings in the Atlantic, and being a maker of all kinds.

Kendall Stewart

Kendall is a production manager in Los Angeles.

Hailing from Marin County, Kendall moved to Los Angeles in 2014 by way of New York City where she earned her degree in Design + Management from Parsons School of Design.

Prior to joining Picture Farm, Kendall spent over two years as a producer at Portfolio One. She is a diplomatic, cheerful and even-keeled producer with a passion for creative projects.

In her free time, you can find Kendall visiting art galleries, attending a yoga class or listening to a good podcast. You can visit her personal website here.

Leslie Yoon

Leslie is head of Post Production in Brooklyn.

A Southern California native, Leslie has a passion for documenting… everything. As a former journalist, she developed a passion for film-making and post production after realizing that print was becoming a dying breed.

Coming to Picture Farm from the editorial side of things at Cause & Effect, she has taken over PF Post with an organizational gusto heretofore unseen, sprinkling her corralling with an innate, and welcome, creative voice. Her wrangling and haranguing yet soothing and pampering tactics keep us all in line and on task with a grin.

Leslie is a Sagittarius who enjoys practicing yoga and must always live near bodies of water. Her favorite films are Die Hard, Amélie and Eagle vs Shark and you will know her on sight by the French Bulldog shaped shadow that follows her to and fro, on days sunny or cloudy, whom she refers to as “Snacks.” Go figure.

Manuela Burns

Manuela is our events director in Madrid.

Based in Madrid, Manuela was raised in an Anglo-Spanish household and has lived and worked between both countries.

She has a 16 year background in successful event production, covering various positions over the years, giving her invaluable insight into the needs of client and colleague alike.

A true Madrileña at heart, you can generally find her having “churros” for breakfast along with the old boys in some hole in the wall bar in central Madrid. She also loves tea and crumpets and, of course, London.

Mariángeles Pérez Ruiz

Mariángeles is our bookkeeper in Barcelona.

Bio coming soon!

Roland Parrot

Roland is an assistant producer in Barcelona.

Born in Dijon, the beating heart of French Burgundy, Roland was brought up with that particular appreciation for all things gastronomic.

Having studied at the Universities of Burgundy, Valencia and Reims, Roland has spent his time shuttling in back and forth between France and Spain for years, obtaining along the way a License degree in Translation (FR/SP/ENG) and a Master degree of Sports Events & Communication and a Master degree in wealth management.

Working in the sports world close to professional footballers as both an advisor to the stars and as a Team Coordinator for academy of Levante UD, he is used to the particular rigors of big personalities and exacting standards.

Roland still rarely misses an interesting looking match or a well crafted beer, great glass of wine or a culinary experience. Or, for that matter, any fiesta that might pop up.

Regina Spurlock

Regina is an assistant editor in Brooklyn.

Regina is a proud product of the 90s. A Power Ranger watching, Hot Wheels collecting, Clinton Part One defined era she filled with studying music and art.

Always inspired by artistic expression, Regina was initially drawn to photography and noodling about in darkrooms in high school. After studying music and audio engineering in college, she moved on to graduate school in journalism where her love of visual storytelling guided her to the moving image. While exploring her opportunities in the production and post production realm before joining Picture Farm, she interned at Firelight Films on the “Freedom Summer” PBS documentary, shilled vinyl records, freelanced as a photographer and editor and tended the closest bar to Cheers you’re likely to ever find.

Her film “Supernatural,” a short documentary about women of color and their hair, can be seen along with the prodigious output of her creative mind, can be seen at her eponymous website reginaspurlock.com

Sabrina Little

Sabrina is our bookkeeper in Brooklyn.

Born and raised in Argentina, Sabrina left home to attend university in the US, where she received a masters in art education from Indiana University. Since then she’s lived in Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo and Berlin (again.)

In New York for the past three years, she keeps the books and the sanity at Picture Farm while taking care of two daughters and a husband in Williamsburg.

Stefania Consarino

Stefania is a production coordinator in Brooklyn.

Half Italian, half Iranian born in Los Angeles and raised in Italy, Stefania has seen her fair share of the world. Getting involved in production early in life (read: high school!) she really fell in love with the the creative problem solving, logistical massaging and overall lovely energy of production life while attending Hunter College and interning at Milk Studios on the events and gallery team, and later at Legs Media on their video production team. Upon graduating college she worked in animation at Buck Design, eventually finding herself caught up in the fast moving world of Picture Farm over a year ago.

Most often found watching movies, cooking, doing yoga or taking photos of strangers on the street, her personal website is www.stefaniaconsarino.com 

T Francis Dougherty

Frank is our Onsite Manager of Coordinational Activities in Brooklyn.

As she herself puts it: “ I’m from the dernier cri of controversial states — North Carolina. My fondest memories are of my dad taking me to the Charlotte motor speedway, where I developed my taste for living life fast, drama, glamour and gasoline.”

A dedicated disciple of the Satyajit Ray school, Francis got her start at a young age in the moving image, premiering her particular sensibilities with a film about lobsters.

A self described “recovering type-a personality” Francis always looks to explore the slightly other, a practice well illustrated by this website she created with some friends.

Toddy Stewart

Toddy Stewart is a creative collaborationist and partner.

Toddy’s “youth” was spent in Seattle, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego and New York. More or less in that order. He has worked in and around the image making industry for the better part of his professional life, either as a cameraman, a photographer, an editor or a director.

He has maintained three primary passions over the years: surfing, soccer and spending more time with his friends and family than is professionally advisable.

Toddy is also a director and editor at Picture Farm. You can see his work here.


Winnie Cheung

Winnie is a senior editor in Brooklyn.

Winnie’s work as an editor has screened at Brooklyn Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and San Francisco International Film Festival and made her directorial debut in 2014 with Dear Lucas at Northside Film Festival. Naturally drawn towards finding dignity in people who aren’t usually in front of the camera, her perpetual wanderlust often gives her the opportunity to do just that.

Winnie graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Media Arts and Social Activism. She is a proud Posse Scholar. She currently volunteers with Five Boroughs as a photography mentor at East Side Community High School.

Winnie is an artist, writer, director and deep thinker. Visit her personal website.

Wes Auburn

Wes is a producer in Los Angeles.

Weston (or “Wes” to those who know him extremely well, or for at least five minutes) drove to New York City in his little blue pickup truck from Evanston, Illinois where the weather did not fit his engine.

Starting as a freelance producer, Wes (as you are now allowed to call him) produced with such aplomb we found him unreleasable. So we kept him. He is now a PF Producer of photo shoots, video shoots and all manner of lunch orders. He even chips in as a part time director when it’s offered.

Weston is also an avid collagist, his inspired work appearing here.