Picture Farm Post teamed up with director/photographer Roe Ethridge and Tiffany to bring his Tiffany Holiday series to life in motion.

PF’s Toddy Stewart was approached by Mr. Ethridge and Artist Commissions to oversee production and post on the project. Toddy’s first order of business was to corral Big Object to craft the stop-motion execution, Pull to collaborate on the score and sound design and MPC New York to handle the FX and color. Together (with set designer Andy Harman) they were able to orchestrate traditional stop-motion animation capture techniques while meeting the quality and character expectations of Tiffany. All the while keeping Roe’s distinctive, disruptively comical voice front and center.

In post, PF producer Leslie Yoon and editor Chris Boniello managed the rolling schedule and technical requirements for seven distinct films and a handful of social media gifs based on Roe’s Holiday photo series.

The full contingent will roll out over the holiday season.

Make Hearts Fly


Special Delivery


Dashing Through the Snow


Blue Moon


Believe in Love


Be A Holiday Hero

We’ve partnered with Whitney Biennial artist and art photographer Roe Ethridge to capture the joy of the season in our 2017 holiday campaign. Featuring stylized vignettes in the signature motif of famed Tiffany window designer Gene Moore, a wooden drawing figure is brought to life through whimsical scenarios and stop-motion photography.” – Tiffany

Roe’s Photographs courtesy of Artist Commissions