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Eric T. White at PF Gallery October 17th- 25th



With a title referencing the mischievous fun of scrawled bathroom graffiti, reading “For a good time call…,” Eric T. White’s new photographic series For A Good Time is a lighthearted and innovative reimagining of the classic nude photograph. Drawing on his own creative childhood play with basic household materials, the series employs bold monochrome seamless reams of paper found in the studio as a minimal yet evocative prop, hiding and revealing various parts of the body through careful draping and cutting of the paper. Through simplified lighting, colors and backgrounds, the subjects’ bodies are stripped from their context, appearing almost abstract. Combining a surreal Pop aesthetic with a palpable sense of spontaneity, the series transforms the nude body into a temporary readymade sculpture, only preserved permanently through photography.



September Show : Studio Sawada At PF Gallery

In conjunction with Studio Sawada’s latest instillation piece at the Park Hyatt in MidTown, Kanae Maeda has brought Hirotoshi Sawada’s ethereal hanging sculptures to the Picture Farm Gallery for the month of September. Private viewings are available, and the gallery will be operating weekend hours. Please contact Kanae at State of Wonder.
Thaw is an installation by Japanese artist duo Studio Sawada curated by Kanae MaedaTheir first exhibition in United States. The artists continue their exploration of the phenomenological effect created through the accumulation of ice. Made with special processed clear acrylic, each piece is uniquely constructed by free hand. The audience can experience the luster of reflection and shadow within the beauty of the work itself.
A critical feature of their practice is their ability to transform huge quantities of materials into sculptural installations that suggest the wonders of nature.”

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Scott Duncan at PF Gallery July 31- August 29

Touba Invite


On Thursday July 31st PF Gallery will be hosting an opening reception for Scott Duncan’s Touba,his documentary project about Sufi Islam in Senegal. A special screening of the film Touba will be presented Thursday night and the full photography show will be up on the gallery walls through August 29th.

Scott Duncan describes Touba this way:

“Touba, reveals a different face of Islam, one which is so essential in these culturally divisive times. This exhibit chronicles the annual Grand Magaal pilgrimage of one million Sufi Muslims to the holy Senegalese city of Touba. The pilgrims travel from all over the world to pay homage to the life and teachings of Cheikh Amadou Bamba. His non-violent resistance to the French colonial persecution of Muslims in the late 19th century inspired a national movement and doctrine. Until this day, freedom of religious expression through pacifism is still practiced by millions of his followers. In light of what’s been happening recently in Mali and the region, these are lessons the world can learn.

In Touba I was enchanted by the vibrant colors, the hot yellow sun, and of course the kindness, generosity and open spirit of the pilgrims. Locals welcomed the pilgrims into their homes for rest and refreshment. Strangers shared what scarce food and water there was to offer.   Since my first visit, I have returned to Touba seven times. I befriended the Mouride leadership and gained their trust, and through them, I was honored with unprecedented access to capture the Grand Magaal as a true insider. With this access, I was able to create intimate portraiture of the people of Touba.

 This body of photographs was created to honor this special city and its people, and to share the one-of-a-kind experience of Touba with you.”


Scott Duncan is a Director/Cinematographer whose passion for filmmaking and photography knows no boundaries. Over the span of Duncan’s 22-year career, he has received 13 Emmy Awards and 29 nominations, most notably for Individual Achievement in Cinematography and Best Documentary.

Scott’s childhood in St. Croix, USVI has helped to shape his unique impression of the world he sees and the images he creates.  Earning his BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts, Scott honed his technical skill and eye for captivating an audience with his artistic use of composition, color and light.

More about Touba from Indiewire, the Hollywood Reporter & IndieNYC.


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Cole Barash : Talk Story Book Launch


Like most of us, Cole Barash grew up on a steady diet of action packed Hawaiian surf imagery. Unlike most of us, he took the chance to explore that scene deeper when given the opportunity. Blending a documentarian’s journalistic impulse with an artist’s desire to approach things from nontraditional angles, Cole spent a season on the North Shore in the company of a series of mythical characters like the young surfing phenom and North Shore product John John Florence.  

On Thursday night Picture Farm Gallery is excited to present the book launch for Talk Story, a body of work that pulls the viewers deeper “behind all the action” in a refreshingly thoughtful way. 

Thursday, July 24 2014 from 6 to 10 PM



Five Minutes (or so) with Big Organic

One Night Only Paola Citterio Pop Up Installation May 30

PF Gallery will have a one night only viewing of Paola Citterio’s project “Viral Colonization.” We are duly honored that she decided PF Gallery would be a perfect place to mount this fleeting but significant event, titled SOLOFIFTY, and it is truly the sort of experience you’d hope to stumble upon on a Friday night in Brooklyn.

More here.


PAola4 PAola3 PAola2 PAola1



Mi Escuelita Art Show Pop Up MAY 31

It has turned into an annual event here at the PF Gallery to host the Mi Escuelita Student Art show this time of year. It’s always a hilariously ambitious project and the art is always incredible.
Stop by Saturday 11:00-2:30 (during the day) to bask in the warm glow of children’s dreams.


Surfrider NYC Chapter at PF Gallery May 21


We’re excited to be hosting Surfrider’s next chapter meeting in the Picture Farm gallery space, Wednesday May 21st.  Come join us and hear from their guest speakers Jill Webber from Parks Department and Sarah Knapp from OutdoorFest, and updates on LNG, plastic bag legislation, and water testing campaigns.

Click here to find out more.


It Doesn’t Not Work RECAP Extravaganza

It Doesn’t Not Work was a massive conceptual success. In reality, it was also successful. A massive amount of thought, conversation, education and pure inspiration was palpable. Saturday night we opened the proceedings with an impromptu “shaper’s barbeque” out front and a long night of talk and inspection inside.

A constant flow of interested surfers from all over the tri-state area augmented by a load of passersby created an environment of surprise and stoke. 3D printed fins, boards glassed with indestructible military grade fiberglass, hydroplaning paipos, crazy scooped out noses, channel bottoms, extreme flexy swallow tails, gorgeously crafted handplanes and good times.  Ty Breuer of SMASH and Surphy Murphy of Imaginary Surf Co kept the vibe easy and crafted an on-the-spot Q&A catalogue for the show.

Check out the slide shows for a recap if you were there, and a little depression if you weren’t.

An Invitation to Cheer


It wasn’t so long ago that the people of Williamsburg had a ready-made, family friendly space for World Cup viewing, but with the demise of Zebulon (long may she live) the hole in our heart has only grown wider at the thought of not being able to coral the neighborhood love in one place.

And at Picture Farm we have a  few abiding passions, the beautiful game (and enjoying that with our kids) chief among them. And while we may all root for different teams during the world Cup (we’re an exotic bunch, see) we all agree that we’d like to root for them together. With our kids. And our friends. And their kids. And their friends.

Chris Bren and Bill Swartz are dreaming up a community-neighborhood-family friendly viewing situation in the PF Gallery space. Every game of the World Cup will just happen to be on in the gallery. We cordially invite you to join us for a celebration of le foot.

More info coming soon, so stay tuned.



May Pop Up : Live Screen Printing with STRANGE : May 17 & 18


We are proud to present our next pop up weekend special: Artists Naomi Kazama and Mike Ming will exhibit selected works in conjunction with Zak Bush’s Revisions show and Patagonia’s release of Damnation.

They will be live screen printing on all manner of fabric. Naomi’s mission is to promote sustainability through use of organic materials and Strange will be providing organic cotton t-shirts and Patagonia will be donating returned clothing for printing.

This is an encore performance, and if you missed the first time around, now’s our chance.
And this coming weekend Naomi and Mike will be performing their magic at the Patagonia Bowery surf shop…



Zak Bush Revisions Opening Reception

Revisions opened on Friday night to every man and his dog. Check out the party pics here, and further show coverage on Vanity Fair, Monster Children and Cool Hunting. Or just check out the show in person at PF Gallery – Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.

Huck Curator Q&A : It Doesn’t Not Work

Our friends in London at Huck magazine rung up the other day sniffing around about the IDNW community design event we’re hosting this weekend at PF Gallery. Read the hole thing at HUCK.


A Few Minutes With Zak Bush

Zak Bush : May Show At PF Gallery


We first met Zak Bush when he showed up at our doorstep on the immediate heels of Hurricane Sandy with Mikey DeTemple, Lisa Myers & Ty Breuer to start our Sandy recovery efforts. And ever since one of his gorgeous, environmental surf photographs popped up on our walls for Within Sight, we’ve been trying to lock down a time for him to do a solo show. That time is May 2014.


Zak’s photographic journey starts in the cold, clear north of Nova Scotia and the reaches of coastal Canada, and has continued around the world in warmer climes, coming to settle, for the moment, in New York. His process and inspirations have shifted over that time, but his natural talent has persevered.  As photographic Swiss Army Knife for Saturdays, Zak has been continually bombarded with new input and fresh visions and the resulting show of instigation and progress is an invigorating comment on an artist in full motion.


Opening Reception on May 2nd form 6-10pm at the gallery!

“New York City-based photographer Zak Bush is proud to present his first solo exhibition, Revisions. Exploring the contesting aesthetics of rural Canada and urban New York City, Revisions chronicles the drastic environmental change Zak underwent in his journey from life in the corner of North America to its center.
Finding grounding elements in each environment, Revisions compares and contrasts imagery from both landscapes respectively, from the jagged coastlands of Nova Scotia to the grid-like streets of New York City. His collection of work not only zeros in on the features that polarize these two regions, but also highlights the qualities that bind them.
Canadian-born photographer Zak Bush developed his art after an injury kept him out of the water for several months. In desperate need of a preoccupation, Zak borrowed a camera and began framing the setting around him. Now residing in Brooklyn, Zak continues to capture the texture and feel of his surrounding environment, whether in bustling Lower Manhattan or a nearby beachside town.
Zak’s work has been featured in The Surfers Journal, Saturdays Magazine, Bergdorf Goodman’s 58th and 5th, Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Transworld Surf, Australian Surfing Magazine, Slide Magazine, Foam Symmetry, as well as other surf and lifestyle publications around the world. Zak is currently the in-house photographer at Saturdays NYC.”


As seen in Vanity Fair.